Through the intersection of music and memory, this hybrid film blurs the lines between surveillance and archival repair. It is indiscernible to know “who is watching who,” but in a world that is watching, Amina chooses how she sees herself.




A video installation unpacking internalized surveillance post 9/11, twenty years later. 


When a group of medical practitioners are blocked by the red tape of the medical industry, in order to heal, they must look beyond. Messages start coming through patients who reveal that each practitioner had a past life in healing; rooted in ancestral belief systems that challenge today’s medical industrial complex.


Co-Created with Kausar Mohammed; an anthology that explores trauma (ancestral, inherited, generational, colonial, etc) amongst Muslim Communities across within the context of Horror and Sci-Fi.


Commissioned and Co-Created  by Myree Tillotson to translate performance and video art exploring archival repair from Puerto Rican Diaspoa experiences responding to the earthquake of 2020.


Commissioned  and Co-Created by Brynne Filer to create concentrated portraits of a Black Woman's presence through the softness of arc-less vignettes.


A visual adaptation of a poem exploring motherhood and feminine intuition. 

“Wise Woman; Who parts her hair in three let your hair down to your knees take a moment to stop and breathe before your sage turn into weeds” -Braids 


Co-created with Brandy Young.
After heartbreak, turning to spirituality to ground and re-center the heart through ritual. It extends a thread from the larger tapestry that is the Afro-Latinx Muslim experience. Poem: Rumi Hadith: Qudsi 




'The most beautiful names' examines the transition of Muslim names across immigration and socio-political events within the U.S. through the use of embroidered name badges installation. This piece is accompanied by an experimental film including personal testimony and archival footage.


Commissioned and co-created with El Haru Kuroi:“Ella pays homage to working class women, who’s jobs are to look after and even raise other people's children. This is a commemoration for her.” 


Commisioned by Ana Tixou to contribute to video portraits uniting women's right's movements internationally.

screeners and materials available upon request

In Development: Screenplay, pitch deck, proof of concept available. Accepted to Cannes Wscripted,  Black List, Athena Film Festival Writer's Lab, Women in Film, Respectability, ISF Film Grant, The Gotham's Owning It Workshop,  The Blue Print for Muslim Inclusion (Pillars Fund, Riz Ahmed / Left Handed Films, USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative).  Proof of concept (short film) accepted to the following film festivals.  SFFILM, LALIFF, PHLAFF, MIFF, MENAFF. Recently selected to NALIP 2022 Latino Media Market. Please visit


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(2021) Video Installation

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In development: Ojala Ignition Lab finalist.
Accepted to The Gotham's Owning it Workshop.

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In Development: Screenplay, pitch deck, proof of concept funded and in pre-production,
workshopped with Sundance Collab and awarded the ISF Film Grant

In Development: Screenplay, pitch deck, proof of concept funded and in pre-production,
workshopped with Sundance Collab and awarded the ISF Film Grant

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Sound Design and Video Installation workshopped and featured in Studio Museum Harlem: Memories of a Future Program (2020)

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Film Essay (2019)

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Short Film

Latinx Film Festival (2019)

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Music Video
Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design: American Muslim Futures (2020) 
Center for Global Muslim Life (2020) 
Columbia University’s Focusing the Lens (2019) 
University of Michigan (2019) 
Cine De Las Americas (2018)  

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Documentary, Installation

Downtown Independent for ​Shari'a Revoiced; a three-year collaborative project of the University of California Humanities Research Institute's Religions in Diaspora and Global Affairs (RIDAGA) Initiative.” (2015)

KCET Boom Magazine (2015)

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Music Video 
UCLA Labor Center: Working Families in Focus (2019) 
KCET x Dublab Border Blasters (2018) 
Cine De Las Americas (2016) 
Saturation (2016) 
California Women’s Film Festival (2016) 
Espacio 1839 Exhibit (2015)

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Music Video

Premiered in Jezebel (2015)