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ISF is proud to announce our Muslim Centered Writers’ Lab. Made possible with support from Extracurricular and @theblcklst, the Writers’ Lab aims to uplift the American Muslim narrative by elevating opportunities for Muslim screenwriters to be at the center of their story. 

What would our creative landscapes feel like if they were handled with care?

Caregivers is a creative lab for Caregivers with the intention of developing a sustainable art practice and developing a storytelling project. 

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Historical exclusion has left many filmmaking communities out of conversations that define mainstream film landscapes. This has forced communities to build their own ecosystems that challenge the centralization of power and defy reliance on mainstream models.
Hosted by The Gotham
Panelists include The New Orleans Society, Mama.Film and the Islamic Scholarshipfund.

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Artist Support Presents: Sound, Cinema & Subconscious: World building Through Sound facilitated by Composer/Sound Designer Estevan Carlos Benson. 
Hosted by Islamic Scholarship Fund

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Artist Support Presents the Monthly Review. Tune in to Episode 1: Faroukh Virani talks interviews Filmmaker Khaula Malik about her documentary "There Was Nobody Here We Knew" streaming now on PBS.

Co-created with alumni Faroukh Virani
Hosted by Islamic Scholarship Fund

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Building off the work of Dr. Philip Butler, Flipping the Gaze: Restorative Filmmaking Techniques unpacks what happens when we take technology such as the camera–which has historically been used to oppress communities through surveillance and perpetuate harmful tropes via mainstream media–and flip the gaze to reclaim historical perspectives that would otherwise be erased.

Co-Authored with Kausar Mohammed
Presented at:
Las Fotos Project 2022
SFFILM School at the Festivals 2022
Vigilant Love 2021

Islamic Scholarship Fund  2021

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Artist Support Presents: Unfolding Your Center

We acknowledge the historical oppression embedded in the industries our filmmakers create in. Muslim Centered Artist Circles is a series intended to provide space and time for our alumni to restore and regroup. 

In unfolding experiences safely, in community, the circle is formed to support your filmmaking path and practice.

This month's topic is "Compass Building" and will be co-facilitated by artist Brynne Filer. "Compass Building" is an interactive artist led workshop that supports filmmakers in forming and centering their practice as they navigate industry. 

Hosted by Islamic Scholarship Fund

Artist Support Presents:
Muslim Centered; a Table Read series centering Muslim narratives. Our public program is 1.5 hours of performance and feedback.

Hosted by Islamic Scholarship Fund

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Beyond representation: Muslim Cinematic Futures: How does representation need to be redefined to best support a Muslim Cinematic Future?

The Islamic Scholarship Fund is the proud to sponsor of the first American Muslim Film Grant supporting Muslim filmmakers to change the narrative and tell their own stories. We are joined by filmmaker Iman Zawahry,  Aizzah Fatima  (Portland Film Festival Narrative Feature Competition: Americanish) and fellow ISF Alumni: Hakeem KhaaliqKausar Mohammed, Jumai Yusuf,  Adeel Ahmed, and moderator Shireen Alihaji.

Presented at Portland Film Festival 20201


Sundance Film Festival the Accessibility of Filmmaking 2021

Respectability's Ensuring Authentic Representation of Hispanic and Latinx Disabled People in the Entertainment Industry 2020

Columbia University's Musliim Protagonist: Focusing the Lens 2019

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