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Shireen is the granddaughter of Sedigheh, Assadollah, Georgina and Humberto.


Shireen Alihaji is a First Gen, Ecuadorian-Iranian, Muslim and Disabled artist. Her intersections inspire her to create space through the intersection of art and technology. Given how we remember is pivotal to healing, her work uses memory as a central gaze to de-internalize surveillance, uncensor the imagination and mirror our infinite reflections.

She Co-Authored Flipping the Gaze: Restorative Filmmaking Techniques and served as Artist Support for the Islamic Scholarship Fund where she co-created Muslim-Centered programming; an evolving framework that supports Muslim storytellers restore, center and define their narratives. She has served as a restorative arts educator for Vigilant Love, Femme Frontera, Las Fotos Project, CRSELA and most recently co-presented Memory As Technology at the William and Louise Greaves Seminar.  

As a student of UCLA Arts Healing, she prototyped a creative lab for caregivers and independently published an anthology titled Recipes for Care. Today, she is in development with her first graphic novel Call to Prayer with the support from the Center for Cultural Power.

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